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The Jay O’Rourke Band consists of five men of distinction, who have been playing music forever.



We play … 

“Chicago - Blues - Rock”



Jay O’Rourke - Vocals & Guitar

Frank Raven - Harp & Vocals

Grant Tye - Guitar & Vocals

Ed Breckenfeld - Drums

Klem Hayes - Bass

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The Illinois Entertainer says in 2018 


“If the Chicago music scene had a spine, Jay O’Rourke would one of its vertebrae. He’s been around a while, worked with some great artists as producer and engineer, and tasted some brief major-label success. But it wasn’t until now, 40 years into his story, that he says he’s found his voice. Last month he released his fourth solo LP “Sumpthin’ Good” on his own label.”


“The highlight tracks: “Blackout” has a laid-back jazzy feel, and “House Full Of Strangers” brings some Muscle Shoals southern-fried flavor. But the biggest standout is probably “Bullshit” – it’s got great classic rock guitar licks.”


“Sumpthin’ Good" seems to bring O’Rourke back to what appears to be his true calling, being a guitarist/front man for his own band with roots and passions rooted heavily in Chicago Blues.”


“Sumpthin’ Good” finds O’Rourke acknowledging his life as a survivor and robust stalwart, drenched in a album immersed in passionate electrified blues. As a listener you can’t help participating in his celebration.”



Jay O’Rourke has recorded and released 4 records since 2015, with two expected releases in 2019.